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Request Stream starting soon!

Fri Jun 2, 2017, 5:44 PM
Come join me for a little request stream over here on my picarto!

We'll be starting in a few minutes. Just as soon as my laundry gets done. XD

We're going to be doing a sketch request stream! It's most likely going to be pokemon requests, because I love those, but I may also take other characters depending on how I'm feeling!  Also, providing the audio doesn't break again, I'll also be answering questions and talking about whatever random things you guys wanna talk about! (Though I can't promise that I might not sing along with my own music a tiny bit >_> )

Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

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Don't mind this

Thu Jun 1, 2017, 3:48 PM
Lol, I kind of forgot I had a journal on here. Sorry for not updating in ages. XD

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Sybal Heim is open for apps!

Tue Sep 13, 2016, 5:38 PM
I totally almost forgot to post about this because I was away on vacation!

My RP group :iconsybal-heim: is officially open for applications again! There's a little less than 3 weeks left until apps are due, so if you'd like to join, now's the time! I know we've been slow going as of yet, but that's mainly been due to personal life stuff. Which all that wraps up right when the apps are due, which means I'll actually have proper time to work on this group again! Which will be soooo nice! So yeah, if you'd like to join our ranks, just take a peek at this here journal!

Applications Are Open!Applications Are Open!
Sybal Heim is now open for our second wave of applicants!
First, though, we have a very important announcement to make. We'd like to thank everyone who applied for the mod post; we had some excellent applications.
After a great deal of consideration, we are pleased to announce the newest member of the mod team. Please welcome...
Minister of Heiros
Before the end of September, we will also be approaching a few individuals to be Constables—sub-moderators, who will assist as community managers and event coordinators.
We will be accepting submissions from September 1st to September 30th!
Currently, we are uncertain of how many new members we will accept, but are planning for a minimum of 15 new members per faction—at least 30 in total
When you've checked the

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We did a timelapse of one of my drawings for work a couple weeks back and my manager posted it today! Apologies in advance for the high speed canvas rotations. I didn’t know my manager would be speeding it up quite so much. Haha! It’s the first time I’ve ever done a time lapse with any of my work though, so it’s interesting for me to see the process. :>

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Help Sybal Heim Stay Super!

Sat Jul 2, 2016, 10:18 AM
It's that time of year folks! Time to renew Sybal Heim's super status! As such, I've started a donation pool here on my page (which you can find just below this journal on my main page) for any of you who'd like to contribute to the cause! We're trying to do this quickly since the super status is on sale right now and we'd like to purchase it while it's cheaper.

Any points you can spare are much appreciated and will help us keep the Sybal Heim page just as top notch as it's always been!

Thank you everyone!

Thu Mar 10, 2016, 9:39 PM
Ah! Thank you guys for all the birthday wished! There's sooooo many of them, I'm just going to collectively thank all of you here! You guys are all super great! Stay awesome! Looking forward to another great year! :D

Yoooooooooo....kai! XD

Sat Nov 7, 2015, 11:45 AM
Hey! One of the games I helped work on is officially out in North America now! Yokai Watch! :la: I know this series has done really well in Japan, so I'm excited to finally get my hands on the actual game!

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Hey! Are any of you fine folks environment/background artists who are looking for a quick freelance job? My manager at work is looking for an artist to hire since our normal fellow isn’t available and I’m too loaded with other work to get it done in time. So, he’s asked me to put out a call for a available BG artist! 

If you are interested (or know someone who is) please note me with a couple samples of your work!

This is a paid freelance job, but it needs to be done very quickly, so please only respond if you have time available in like, this next week. Thank you!</strike>

Thanks for all your responses! We've managed to find our artist! ^^

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GUYS! Who wants to know where I've been for the last two months? XD We've been hard at work prepping out tablet game "Weirdwood Manor" for launch, aaaaaand now as of today, we are officially live and operating! :D  And Apple even liked us so much that we're a feature item in the app store!  Come check us out here-

And, for the first month, it's going for a discounted price. ;D

We've all been working so hard on this game, and there is so much effort and love put into this project, that I think you guys will really enjoy it.  Everyone we've shown it to has absolutely loved it, kids and adults alike, and with your support we can continue to make projects of this caliber! Also, if nothing else, when you get the books, you're getting a TON of never-before-seen artwork from me! Because I do all of Oliver's sketchbook, a lot of the minigames, a lot of the hidden items, and even some of the 3D characters! (Unfortunately, there is nothing of mine in book 1 because that was done with a different illustrator before I was brought into the project. Buuuut once you hit book 2, there's a plenty of work from me. XD)

Please help us to spread the word about this project, because we really want to be able to continue making things like this!  If you have an ipad, please consider purchasing. Or if you know someone who has one, give us a casual plug. ;D

Also! For any of you folks in the Toronto area, we will be at Word on the Street this coming Sunday for our official public launch!  I'll be demoing live how I create some of the artwork for the app, and my friend Crystal, one of our animators, will be demoing how we do our 3D and animations! So if you're around, feel free to stop by and give us a visit! Just look for the booth with the 6'6" standee of a robot butler, and that's us. XD

I've Arrived! And also DA Birthday!

Sat Aug 8, 2015, 9:55 PM
Hooray! I've made it to Toronto in once piece! And got my new apartment mostly set up (and internet obviously! XD) I start work on Monday! Hopefully I don't get lost trying to find my way there the first day! Since I'll be needing to take a train to work and whatnot. :b But I've got my little train card now, so I should be able to get there just fine, and the lady at the station was super helpful and told me just what route to take to get to where I work. :>  Everyone's been super friendly so far and my landlady is great! It's just me and a little family here, so it's a nice quiet apartment on a surprisingly quiet street, which is a nice break from the busier parts of the city.
So yeah, all in all, I think this is going to be a lot of fun!

On a different note, hot dang I cannot believe how many people listed me in their favorite artists in this DA birthday questionnaire thing!  I am so flattered that so many of you think so highly of my work!  You guys are the best! :D  And now, because hey, why not, I'm gonna fill out this birthday thing too!

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Wow, 6 years I guess! It feels like not nearly that long. And at the same time, it feels like I've been here forever.

  1. What does your username mean?

You know... absolutely nothing. XD There is no special meaning behind my original username, or the slightly adjusted version of it that I have now.  No sentimental value at all. Turtles aren't even my favorite animal. But the name sticks, and since Turtle has been so ingrained as my DA nickname, I've just kept it in.

  1. Describe yourself in three words.

Uh...uh.... awesome.

  1. Are you left or right handed?

Right handed.

  1. What was your first deviation?

Galanthus 'Snowdrop' Dragon by Turtle-Arts  This isn't nearly the first deviation I actually submitted, but it's the oldest "drawing" currently in my gallery I guess.  There was quite a lot of stuff before this but it's all been deleted or put into storage. But this was submitted 5 years ago, so it's pretty old now.  Hmm... I ought to go back and redraw these little guys some time.

2.  What is your favourite type of art to create?

Bird Walker by Turtle-Arts Jackal Face by Turtle-Arts Selkie by Turtle-Arts Buffalo Dance by Turtle-Arts Waiting by Turtle-Arts Sky Herder by Turtle-Arts Anything character based really. I love colorful things with lots of patterns!  I'm the most happy when I'm just sketching character designs and coming up with fun stories for them. :>

3. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Durus by chanmeleon Great Palace by parkurtommo Rift by PapayouFR concept art for a game by mingrutu Palace by NURO-art Freaking, if I could just master beautiful environment painting I would be the happiest person on Earth. For as much as I pride myself as being able to match project styles for clients, this type of high-realism while still feeling painterly type of stuff always escapes me.

4.  What was your first favourite?

griffon by rinpoo-chuang Yeah, still rad.

5. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Ugh, it's a toss up between character art and environment art. also I save a lot of them as reference, sorry not sorry you all just have such lovely color palettes and whatnot)

6. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

OOooh, that's a hard one. I think it's a toss up between :iconphobs: (Because aaaaahhhhhhh those characters and that soft coloring gets me every time) and :iconhira-geco: (because omg everything is fabulous)

7. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

It's gotta be :iconshayfifearts: (understand more if you read my next answer) because dang girl you my mod now and we gotta party.

8. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Aww, that's a hard question. You know, I think Shay really impacted my life early on in my DA days. Particularly right about the time I first joined and I saw this pic of hers (which actually, just missed being my first fave by a few images) Character Design - Tiger by shayfifearts  and I remember seeing it and thinking "Oh dang, I gotta get that good at design." And now we are friends, and everything is good. XD  But yeah, Shay you really were a huge inspiration to me when I first joined DA. Cuz like, you went to Provo and I was in Rexburg and you were quite a bit ahead of me in school and you were like, this, well for lack of a better term, "unreachable senpai" that I wanted to be just as good as and you really helped me to push for improvement in my own work. :>

9. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Photoshop is my baby of course.  I also really like sculpting ans sewing though.

10. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

The most inspirational place?  Well, usually I just create my art at home at my desk, but I get inspiration from the various places I travel to, and the things I see around me on a day to day basis. :nod:

11. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Um.... oh, probably that April Fools where they hijacked everyone's icons and comment signatures and split us into competing teams. That was pretty funny. XD

Leaving for Canada!

Tue Aug 4, 2015, 10:24 AM
Okay guys, tomorrow's the morning I leave to drive up to Canada to start my new job! Which means I won't be around for a little bit. Not until I get myself an internet provider set up in Toronto. XD  So yeah, if you don't hear from me for a bit, that's why! Catch you all later!

OMG does anybody know how to get a pet snake across the border from the US to Canada?

I have been trying to figure out how to do this, and I think I need some kind of documentation, but I can’t get a solid answer on what or how I’m supposed to do it.  And all the stuff I’m finding is more for like, pet businesses sending animals across the border to be sold. But mine is just one corn snake that I’ve had for 9 years and I don’t have any kind of receipts or whatever for him because I bought him from a random pet store that went out of business like, seven years ago. And I can’t contact the US fish and game folks because the office is closed on weekends, but I really need to know like, now.  And I’ve been trying to google it, but everything I’m finding either is for “show breeders” or pet store folks, or it just isn’t helpful.

Can anybody help me at all with this?

Gone on vacation!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 17, 2015, 4:17 PM
Hey guys! I'll be gone on vacation for the next 9-10 days, so if you don't hear from me, that's why!  I know a lot of you have been sending Sybal Heim questions to me, so if you need immediate help, you can direct your questions to :iconart-zealot: or just to the group page, and the other mods will help you out!

See you all when I come back! Probably horribly sunburned, but I'm bringing lots of sunscreen so hopefully I'm good. XD

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Sybal Heim is officially open for applications!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 11, 2015, 8:23 PM
Yup, that's right guys! The rp group I started is officially open for applications now! 


We still have a little to do on the group page and whatnot, but we are open for apps, and anyone interested in joining has until August 14th to submit their apps! 

So if you'd like to come have fun with us as we noodle our way around our first RP group, then come one down and play! ^^

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What Song Are You Into This Week? Mk. IX

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 4:18 PM
Hey there music lovers! It's that time again! Time for another music share! Because I'm taking a trip out of the country this weekend and I want some new music for the plane ride! XD

You know the rules! And if you don't, here they are for you!

1. I'm not asking for your "favorite song ever" exactly, just for that song that's been stuck in your head lately. Or that song you can't seem to take off repeat. You know the kind! Just something that you've enjoyed listening too lately.
2. It doesn't have to be a new song. It could be an old song you've rediscovered recently, or one you'd never heard before. Or whatever.
3. Please post a link to your song so we can all enjoy it!
4. Please refrain from posting songs with excess profanity or cursing.
5. Please, try to keep it to two songs per person. I try hard to listen to everyone's songs, but it's difficult when people post five or six or fifteen songs. XD
6. Most importantly- Have fun! And let's all have a good time sharing music!

As customary, I'll start with my picks!  And my two songs are:

1. Josh McBride by The Head and the Heart.  (The chorus kills me in this every time. So pretty)

2. Make War by Bright Eyes (this is one of my favorite songs to sing with my uke! :>)

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Wanna help get Sybal Heim to Super?

Sat May 2, 2015, 12:31 PM

Copying this basically right from the group page...

Hey guys! We're getting closer every day to being able to put blank apps out for people to start working on their applications for :iconsybal-heim:! And though we aren't restricted by this, we would absolutely love to get a Super Group status so that we might customize our group page and make the whole experience more complete and enjoyable for you guys! Because let's face it, the group would be way cooler with some sweet custom skinning going on. Haha!

So if you would like to donate even a few points to the cause, then you can send them over to the donation pool on my front page. The link is in a box right under my DevID on the right side.  And anything you can spare will be much appreciated!

Oh yes, and as Zealot reminded me, this is purely a voluntary thing. Donating won't gain you any extra character slots or favors from mods. It's purely just a thing you can do if you want to. But we will be very grateful to you if you do choose to donate!

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Hey guys! I got a random urge to do a request livestream for some more pokemon! Because I think the last time I really drew pokemon was the last time I did a stream which was ages ago. :P  So if you wanna stop by, here's the link.…

We'll be starting in about 10-15 minutes. Bring your suggestions for pokemon and I'll pick some that I want to doodle! And we can jam to my itunes library I guess because I'm sick and don't feel like talking.

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It's my birthday! :D

Tue Mar 10, 2015, 9:56 AM

Hooray! Ugh, I’m old… I try not to think about every birthday bringing me closer to 30. Bluh.

But anyways, happy birthday to me! Thank you for all the b-day wishes I've gotten so far! Not much planned today, but this weekend a friend is taking me to my very first convention and I’m going out to dinner afterwards, so that should be fun.  It’s gonna be interesting. I’ve never gone to a Con before because really, I’ve never wanted to.  It’s on my bucket list to go to SD ComiCon, but as some of you might remember, I couldn’t get tickets this year.  But I was all hyped to go, so I’m still like, in the mindset for a Con I guess. So I’m going to… ooh, what’s it called…. hang on, I gotta look it up… Naka-Con.  I have no idea what goes on there, my friend just said she likes to go to see people’s costumes.  I guess it’s an anime convention? So I’m probably going to be constantly looking at things like “What is this? What’s that? Who is this supposed to be?” Haha! I told my friend I’m probably just going to be like a lost puppy following her around the whole time, but hey, I’m looking forward to going and experiencing something new! And people always told me I should start with a smaller Con to get my feet wet before jumping into ComiCon. I don’t know how small Naka-Con is (I keep wanting to write “Nuka-Con… nuka-cola…) but I figure it can’t be as big as SanDiego so you know, it’s probably a good place to start.

Anyone else going to Naka-Con? I probably won’t see you but, we’ll be friends in spirit. :>

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Yeah! One of the projects I've been working on for a long time now, The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor, is finally in go mode! And to kick it off, the folks over at at the studio have decided to release a “chapter” a week in a sort of ebook form, for which, I have provided the illustrations based on scenes taken from the actual app. Fun fun! There will be five of these little mini books, with three illustrations each. And at then end we should be releasing the first two full books of the actual Weirdwood Ipad App. Which is a sort of interactive children’s novel/game/animation critter that we’ve been working on for some time now. Really looking forward to its release and I hope you all enjoy this little preview!  I’ll be reblogging the other chapters as they come out to my tumblr as wel so you can follow along there (, or you can just hop over to Weirdwood’s official tumblr and follow along directly from the source! And any sharing around you guys might want to do is always appreciated! After all, spreading the word helps keep us in the job! Haha!

Also, happy New Year. :>

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