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November 17, 2012
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VolSa: Roland- Updated App by Turtle-Arts VolSa: Roland- Updated App by Turtle-Arts
So yeah. Finally got around to updating Roland's app to match his current iteration. So now all you new people can finally see his info again, hooray! :dummy: Also, you may notice that Roland has a new outfit for this app. I was getting tired of the old ones so I designed another new outfit for him. :thumbsup: (which, for the record Roland almost never wears colored clothes. His wardrobe consists almost entirely of blacks, greys, and occasionally white or a very dull muted color.) And for the record, I based his shoes off an actual pair of shoes that I want so badly. >_< Anyways, time for the app info again! It's a bit different than before, but not by much.

Name: Roland

Age: 21

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 152 lbs.

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Red

Gender: Male

Species: Pegasus (Brown Gypsy/Common Sparrow)

Job: Scholar- Historian, Cataloger, scribe, and occasionally field researcher.

Personality- Roland prides himself on being a gentleman (mostly for the ladies). He is naturally a very kind and meek individual and is often times bordering on overly polite. He wants to be viewed as a tough guy, but in reality he's a bit of a softy- Though he's not afraid to pick a fight if the situation calls for it. Though he is always kind and mindful of women, he can be a bit more short tempered with other men and has a low tolerance for men who are rude or tactless. Roland is also something of a neat freak, especially when it comes to paperwork. (hence why he works as a cataloger) He has a hard time focusing if the room he's in is messy or lacks an apparent organization. Something he can't stand is un-shelved books or scattered papers. This tendency borders on the Obsessive-Compulsive side, but heís never actually been diagnosed as such.

History- Roland has lived in Elavernis since his birth, and in all honesty, nothing really out of the ordinary happened to him growing up. His mother was a housemaid, and his father worked as a craftsman, building and fixing instruments. He mainly worked with pianos, but dabbled in other areas as well. They were never very wealthy, but they never really struggled to support themselves either. Due to his father's job, there was always at least one piano laying around their house, and young Roland would try to play them every chance he got. He was usually shooed away from the instruments as they did not actually belong to his family, but Roland had a natural affinity for piano, and over time the boy actually gained a fair bit of skill for the instrument. As a young adult, he is a remarkably talented pianist and composer, but he has terrible stage fright and dislikes playing for other people for fear of being scolded or laughed at.

Roland has always possessed an excellent memory and a good head for numbers. He is exceptionally good at remembering names and dates, which worked right into his love of history. Though normally a fidgety sort of person, Roland is able to sit for hours pouring over old historical volumes and journals. It was this love that led him to leave home in search of a career as a scholar. Since then he has worked in several schools and libraries, eventually making his way to the Emerald City, where he resides today. Currently he works as cataloger, organizing and creating copies of current and ancient texts for both universities and the capitol library.

Roland has traveled across much of Elavernis, but he has never visited any other countries. As such, he has never seen any season other than Spring. However, he grew up with stories of the wonders of the other seasonal gods and has since desired to visit the other lands. The Winter land of Lumeria is the most fascinating for him as he has never actually seen snow or ice, though he would also love to visit the Autumn country, Risholi. Alora holds a little less appeal to Roland as he dislikes hot weather. His personal dreams include seeing the winter tiger goddess, and working as a palace historian in Elavernis. Roland plans on settling down and having a family someday, but he considers himself "too young to worry about that sort of thing" at the moment.

Additional Info- When he was younger, Roland had longer hair and a long tail, like his parents. However, he grew tired of being teased for looking "girly" by hellhounds, dragons, and other more fearsome gijinka, so when he was a teen he decided to cut his hair short and crop his tail. He doesn't have as much trouble with being called girly now, but the natural gracefulness of his species doesn't always help his case. Roland always finds a little comfort though in that fact at least he "wasn't born as a unicorn." At times he regrets cropping his tail as it is no longer capable of growing, but heís used to it by now.

As a pegasus, Roland is an exceptional flier, but he actually greatly enjoys walking. Usually he only flies when he needs to cover long distances or reach difficult places. When he is in the city he will almost always walk places, keeping his wings folded neatly. Though he still makes it a point to fly each day if only for the sake of keeping his wings strong.

Roland always carries a small journal in which he keeps notes on the day. Since he considers history to be very important, he likes to keep track of the important things that go on around him. It's not exactly a journal though as Roland will write anything he sees as relevant whether it happens to him or someone else. To most people the book would simply appear as a jumble of various notes that have no apparent flow or connection.

Roland has a pet chickadee named Letty. When he was 16, he found the little bird shortly after it had hatched. Letty had fallen out of the nest and Roland decided to try and save him. The boy succeeded, but surprisingly, Letty never flew away, even after he had grown. The tiny avian follows Roland wherever he goes now and has traveled across much of the country with his pegasus master. Letty is a feisty little chickadee who enjoys playing tricks on people. Often times he will fly up behind them, chirp loudly and then fly away before they spot him. Despite the fact that he fits comfortable in Roland's palm, Letty seems to think himself a very large and intimidating bird. Roland doesn't keep Letty in a cage, instead simply allowing him free range. Often times he will ride on the boy's head or shoulder when he goes places. Fortunately though, he has managed to train the bird not to follow him to work as people usually disapprove of a tiny bird flitting about their heads while they are trying to read.

Talent descriptions:
1. Generally being a nice person- Roland always makes it a point to be polite and friendly towards people. As such he tends to make friends easily, though in reality he is more at home in a library than out on the town with a large group of people. Itís not that he dislikes crowds or public events, itís just that he tends to prefer quiet, meditative sort of situations over busy, more hectic life.

2. Closet Pianist- As mentioned before, Roland is a very talented piano player and he still plays whenever he gets the chance. However, due to the scolding he usually got for playing while growing up, he doesn't like to play for other people now. He actually owns an old piano that he restored, and if a person is quiet they can often times catch him playing when he thinks he's alone.

3. Organizing things- Roland is very particular about keeping things neat and organized- hence why he makes such a good cataloger. He dislikes being in messy places and can't stand to have papers and things scattered. Roland also dislikes when books and things of that nature are arranged without an obvious system. He prefers for documents to be kept either alphabetically or chronologically and if a person lets him, he will organize their things as such. He is polite enough not to mention a mess if he is in another personís home, but itís always pretty obvious that it makes him uncomfortable as he tends to get rather uptight and stiff when in particularly messy areas.

Art and character copyright Anna Earley, 2012
NOT for other's use
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